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C'est toujours important la relation de confiance qui est établi entre les acheteurs et les vendeurs. Ce rapport est plus importante que plus délicate est le choix de ce que vous achetez.
Avec les livres précieux, anciens et nouveaux, la confiance c'est encore plus important, à cause des caractéristiques particulières de ce type de collectionisme.
Afin d'offrir la meilleure garantie nous avons estimé qu'il était essentiel de ne compter que sur les vendeurs professionnels.
Ce choix - qui semble limitant pour un site de livres, il est en fait un élément fondamental: de cette façon nous pouvons offrir le service "satisfait ou remboursé".
Nous avons également été la premièr site au monde à offrir l'achat à tempérement des  livres de valeur, sans intérêt.

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  1. Thumb_acta-decerpta-quae-apud-sanctam-sedem-volumes-6f6db397-264b-4838-b816-4ca422b8f40e
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1868-1892. In-4. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Int�rieur frais. Volumes 4 � 24 + index g�n�ral de 283 pages. Volume 6 manquant. 3 photos disponibles. Ouvrages en latin.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  2. Thumb_documentation-catholique-volumes-allant-1920-b48b3016-122f-47eb-ac36-f8b71e3a55bc
    • BUREAU DE LA REVUE, 1920-1954
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1920-1954. In-4. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Int�rieur frais. Ann�es comprises dans les 27 volumes : 1920, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1939, 1947, 1954. Texte en colonnes. 3 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  3. Thumb_revue-religieuse-volumes-1867-1921-d326b307-a435-4f20-a5de-7312252a0e52
    • M.E. CARR�RE, 1867-1921
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1867-1921. In-4. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Int�rieur frais. 40 volumes dont 14 contenant deux ann�es. Ann�e 1869 manquante. Texte en colonnes. 6 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  4. Thumb_religion-journal-eccl-siastique-e5140955-663e-4a41-94c8-16e95c5746d1
    • BUREAU DE LA REVUE, 1814-1828
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1814-1828. In-12. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos ab�m�, Int�rieur frais. Du tome 1 au 56. Tomes manquants : 4, 6, 15, 23, 25, 26, 29, 33 � 38, 46 � 54. 3 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  5. Thumb_religion-journal-politique-litt-raire-universel-8d62425f-87f7-4beb-8967-d6c2cb61e99f
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1859-1862. In-4. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos ab�m�, Int�rieur frais. Tome 1 � 13. Texte en colonnes. 2 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  6. Thumb_religion-volumes-1828-1859-3d7df152-d3f1-4c0c-9d83-437fb0813b31
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1828-1859. In-8. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Int�rieur frais. 128 volumes du tome 56 � 183. 4 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  7. Thumb_bibliographie-catholique-revue-critique-ouvrages-72359902-4574-42cb-9a23-13c01d02f0a4
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1841-1862. In-8. Reli�. Bon �tat, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Int�rieur frais. 28 volumes allant de 1841 � 1862. 3 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  8. Thumb_annales-catholiques-revue-religieuse-hebdomadaire-6f349b16-b6c0-4d08-9965-e567298c1e91
    • PUTOIS-CRETT�, 1878-1892
    • Librairie: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (Francia)
    • Description: 1878-1892. In-4. Reli�. Etat d'usage, Couv. convenable, Dos ab�m�, Int�rieur frais. 72 volumes de 1872 � 1883, volumes de 1884 � 1892. 2 photos disponibles.. . . . Classification Dewey : 200-RELIGION Lisez plus
  9. Thumb_controversy-zion-8a80eca8-6340-4542-801d-bcbe17e9b4e9
    • DOLPHIN PRESS (PTY) LTD., 1978
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 587 pages. Index. Recommended reading list. Bibliography. "...The manuscript, after having remained hidden for more than twenty years, came to light and was at last made available for publication. The story of this book itself... is part of the history of our century, throwing some light on a struggle - of which the multitudes know nothing - that conducted relentlessly and unceasingly on the battleground of the human mind." - from Preface by Ivor Benson. Front hinge taped. Back hinge open in places. Average wear. Extensive underlining and annotations throughout, including front free endpape... Lisez plus
  10. Thumb_britain-jewish-problem-95161f43-81a3-4ff3-a5ac-0acdca83c36f
    • HURST & BLACKETT, LTD., 1939
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 223, 16 (ads) pp. Index. "The problem of the Jews in Britain, and the power they wield in public affairs, is a matter of the most absorbing interest in these days when propaganda has clouded the issue and made it almost impossible for the ordinary man to see the subject in its true perspective. This book is a critical but strictly impartial analysis written by a well-known Fleet Street journalist who has studied the whole problem for a number of years in the light of events since the Great War." - from dust jacket. Unmarked with moderate wear to publisher's orange cloth. Binding intact. Sma... Lisez plus
  11. Thumb_crime-rituel-chez-juifs-2d14a60d-2281-4acf-8c5b-eae2a2fdc565
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: x, 376 pages. Footnotes. Text in French. While not listing this title, SINGERMAN 49 refers to Drumont, author of the Preface, as "the doyen of French Jew baiters". Laid-in is a one-sided 15.5" x 8.25" undated document handwritten in ball pen in French entitled "Saint Simeon, enfant martyr" which appears to be an exposition by the [unnamed] writer in furtherance of the content of this book. Rubber stamp of Marseille book shop "Librairie Antimaconnique" upon title page, otherwise unmarked. Entire exterior covered with protective clear adhesive tape. Above-average wear. Binding tender but intact. Lisez plus
  12. Thumb_judische-weltpest-judendammerung-erdball-33763e60-b99a-41db-8b64-738cd95adcdc
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 244 pages plus 4 pages of ads at back. Text in German. Author was an early member of the NSDAP. Front free endpaper neatly removed. Unmarked. Moderate wear and soiling to mustard yellow cloth-covered boards adorned with red lettering. Binding intact. A sound copy. Lisez plus
  13. Thumb_wofur-kampfen-fighting-herausgegeben-437772e3-5848-4893-9a64-35942c9a4e50
    • GERMAN ARMY, 1944
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 144 pages. Text in German. Many black and white illustrations. Several maps. A substantial document intended for the German officer class in what turned out to be the latter days of Hitler's Germany. Opens with facsimile reprint of a three-page letter signed by Adolph Hitler, dated 8 January, 1944. (For clarity, please note that Hitler did not sign this copy.) Next is a two-page contribution by Alfred Rosenberg. Balance of book is divided into the following sections: Das Judentum (Judaism), Der Bolschewismus (Bolshevism), England, Amerika (America), Entwicklung und Ziel (Development and Tar... Lisez plus
  14. Thumb_dissolution-eastern-european-jewry-c35be4d1-4984-4d0d-adc6-623f5f96e5b9
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: pp. 239. Index, bibliography, tables and extensive footnotes. "Recent books have held that the Nazi government's 'Final Solution' of the Jewish Question was in reality only a program of emigration and evacuation to camps in the East. If the Jews were not killed, where did they go? Until now there has been no single work entirely devoted to answering this question. This work provides the most comprehensive and extensively-documented explanation ever of the movements and fate of the European cradle of World Jewry in the crucial years leading up to, during, and immediately after World War II. ... Lisez plus
  15. Thumb_mein-kampf-complete-unabridged-fully-annotated-2af9c59f-b375-4094-ac6b-8e69899619ad
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xxxvi, 1003 pages. Index. "An accurate translation of a book which is likely to remain the most important political tract of our time, and which is now for the first time available in complete form to the American reader." - Introduction. Hitler presents his life story, political philosopy, and plans for world domination. Unmarked with average wear to publisher's maroon cloth. Minor lean to spine. Binding intact. Above-average wear to dust jacket now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A worthy vintage copy of this highly consequential work. Singerman 481, Madden p.111, Cole p.226. Lisez plus
  16. Thumb_leuchter-report-myth-894a930f-7eb9-4fc9-9745-e0889f22b789
    • RHVTATB, 1988
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 132 pages. "... sets out the methodology and findings of the first forensic investigation of the actual sites in Poland where the gassings are alleged to have occurred." - from publisher's comment. Please note: The original Leuchter report consisted of 196 pages. Clean and unmarked with light external wear. A sound copy. Lisez plus
  17. Thumb_battle-mein-kampf-f3dba6e5-18e1-4972-867e-1ce74c1087e6
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: viii, 297 pages. 1933 First printing of this abridged American edition. "A significant historical document, in which the leader of a successful revolution, the actual head of a great European state, tells the story of his life, traces the growth of his social, economic, and political philosophy, and states both his aims and his methods." - iii. "The reading of this book is a duty for all who would understand the fantastic era in which we live, and particularly is it the duty of all who cherish freedom, democracy and the liberal spirit. Let us know what it is that challenges our civilization... Lisez plus
  18. Thumb_protocols-world-revolution-including-translation-757bfc59-6de3-4c0b-bb1a-9bbcdcd9c7cf
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: An extraordinary copy of this, the first American edition of what are now more commonly known as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Affixed to front endpaper are four fascinating news clippings, dated October 30, 1934 through May 14, 1935, describing developments in the legal action brought against the Swiss National-Socialist League by the Union of Swiss Jewish Communities and the Jewish community in Berne, aimed at disproving the authenticity of this work. This case began in November 1933 and lasted until May 14th, 1935. [4], 149 pp. Part One includes an eight-page introductory ... Lisez plus
  19. Thumb_germany-must-perish-afc4224d-7b8d-4da1-8863-ae9f43fd05d5
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [4], 5-96, [1] map, pages. "The book that Hitler fears." - front cover. Reprint of the 1941 first edition written before the United States entered WWII. "This dynamic volume outlines a comprehensive plan for the extinction of the German nation and the total eradication from the earth, of all her people. Also contained herein is a map illustrating the possible territorial dissection of Germany and the apportionment of her lands." - copyright page. Back cover purports to quote four reviews by major American media outlets, including "A Sensational Idea!" - Time Magazine, and "A Plan for Perman... Lisez plus
  20. Thumb_hitler-secret-book-first-edition-saga-magazine-january-b3384b24-8029-4337-87d1-7adbb553b562
    • GROVE PRESS, INC., 1961
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xxv, [1], 230 pages. Index. "Now published for the first time: The long-suppressed sequel to Mein Kampf. In May, 1945, an American officer in Germany confiscated the manuscript of an unpublished book ascribed to Adolf Hitler and sent it to the United States. In the summer of 1958 it was identified beyond any question as a second book by Hitler. Nowhere else did he set forth his foreign policy so frankly and fully. What emerges is an eleborate rationalization for a war policy on Germany's part, and an intensive sketch of an alliance policy in preparation for war. The book closes with an expo... Lisez plus


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