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C'est toujours important la relation de confiance qui est établi entre les acheteurs et les vendeurs. Ce rapport est plus importante que plus délicate est le choix de ce que vous achetez.
Avec les livres précieux, anciens et nouveaux, la confiance c'est encore plus important, à cause des caractéristiques particulières de ce type de collectionisme.
Afin d'offrir la meilleure garantie nous avons estimé qu'il était essentiel de ne compter que sur les vendeurs professionnels.
Ce choix - qui semble limitant pour un site de livres, il est en fait un élément fondamental: de cette façon nous pouvons offrir le service "satisfait ou remboursé".
Nous avons également été la premièr site au monde à offrir l'achat à tempérement des  livres de valeur, sans intérêt.

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  1. Thumb_jews-race-e3cc3c2a-1c7a-48c0-a3f4-02b029a15e26
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: "An early attempt by one of the world's leading Jewish Communist theoreticians to counter early twentieth century anti-Semitism - which argued that Jews were an alien non-European race - by attempting to prove that the Jews do not constitute a specific race, but are rather a mixture of many different groups." - Bokus. "Appearing in English for the first time. The first German edition appeared in 1914, under the title Rasse und Judentum; the second edition, in 1921, already included a number of important additions and improvements, particularly the new chapter entitled 'Zionism After the War... Lisez plus
  2. Thumb_draining-swamp-monetary-fiscal-policy-reform-cd5326e5-22f6-4cf2-9b36-c357708a46f6
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xxviii, 352 pages. Index. Footnotes. "Offers a new theory of money with specific proposals for replacing the nation's outdated monetary and tax policies, calls for general prosperity without sacrifice, and is written in plain language." - dust jacket. Clean and bright with very light wear. Dust jacket now preserved in glossy new archival-grade Brodart. A high-quality copy. Lisez plus
  3. Thumb_gurion-scandals-haganah-mossad-f943d91f-4c87-4781-a469-d0ff20bdaffe
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 261 pages. Bibliography. Grainy black and white reproductions of photo. "...Reveals for the first time shocking incidents of misconduct by Ben Gurion throughout his political career and later by the succeeding Israeli governments. Examples include: The sinking of ships carrying Jewish survivors from Europe; The bombing of Jewish installations in Iraq in order to force the Jews to leave Iraq for Israel; His disregard of vital information pertaining to the slaughter of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust. When the author first saw the research material used for this book, he was shocked. He d... Lisez plus
  4. Thumb_hitler-came-into-power-answer-based-original-6dc53d2f-f018-48d1-bc9d-04014c81aac0
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xi, [3], 322 pp. Index. Chronology of the Hitler movement. Statistical tables. "Professor Abel went directly to the source of Hitler's power - the German people - for the truth, and by an ingeniously contrived literary contest secured this collection of simple and eloquent life histories. The direct testimony of eye witnesses and participants in the revolutions, riots and coups ushering in the most powerful of modern dictatorships gives this book a stirring and realistic validity." - dust jacket (not included). Rebound former library copy with usual markings and above-average wear. Binding ... Lisez plus
  5. Thumb_annotated-bibliography-cryptography-000b8011-6f58-473a-a6c5-96b8a423ce61
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xvi, [4], 154, [2], 154, [4], 14, 47, [1], 2, 1 pages. List of black and white illustrations. Shulman spent twenty-five years researching this work and wrote it with librarians, students of cryptography, and book collectors in mind. An introduction preceeds the following six sections: works relating directly to ciphers from 1518 to 1976, chronological list of works relating indirectly to cryptography, chronological list of manuscripts, alphabetical index of authors and translators, chronological list of patents on cryptographic devices from 1874 through 1953, sample list of books on cryptog... Lisez plus
  6. Thumb_vogue-magazine-january-1950-original-erwin-fefce97e-b660-4d89-aaa5-34b154ef2fed
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: The original "Doe Eye" issue featuring Erwin Blumenfeld's cover photo of Jean Patchett. Complete in 164 pages. Unmarked with somewhat above-average external wear. A sound vintage copy of this iconic masterpiece. Lisez plus
  7. Thumb_untouchables-mission-accomplished-twentieth-anniversary-2b3c1e07-2a82-49b5-9d08-366686f6dca6
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Signed and inscribed by Brian Shul upon front free endpaper. Oblong 14" x 10.75". 184 pages. Glossary. Profusely illustrated with stunning colour photos. This commemorative edition contains new and revised text and photographic material in addition to material previously published in The Untouchables in 1993. "Shul and Watson take you with them on their hottest SR-71 missions during the Libyan Crisis in 1896. Flying in support of the F-111 bombing raid on Libyan terrorist camps, they were the only SR-71 crew ever to fly three missions in three days. Roaring across the African desert faster ... Lisez plus
  8. Thumb_success-through-positive-mental-attitude-a7227137-f548-4689-ae9b-61e088db0fa8
    • PRENTICE-HALL, INC., 1968
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Neatly signed, without inscription, upon front free endpaper by W. Clement Stone, who built $100 into a multi-million dollar organization. xv, [1], [2], 3-254 pages. Index. Bibliography. Reprint of the 1960 first edition. "Filled to the brim with tried, tested rules and personal case histories, this book will go with you on your journey to success - but you must put the principles to work. Start now, on your way to success in business, at home and in your social life. Here is your guide. Read what others have done, how they have done it, and remember that you can do it, too." - dust jacket.... Lisez plus
  9. Thumb_kamp-westerbork-transit-camp-eternity-liberation-6298b459-b647-4f8b-a089-db7635e2a004
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xxiv, 179 pages. Index, bibliography, references, glossary. Almost one hundred black and white reproductions of photos and documents. Two fold-out maps. "This study was exciting and personally rewarding to me. I treasure the many Dutch and Canadian friends who so patiently worked with me to reconstruct the events of half a century ago. I still think it highly important that the record of Canadian actions in helping to throw off the Nazi yoke in the Netherlands be accurately and fully told to Canadian and Dutch peoples before we have all passed on. But this publication is really devoted to t... Lisez plus
  10. Thumb_planned-chaos-5284bb45-1808-4b35-a85c-373dd8c9047e
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Signed and inscribed by author upon front free endpaper to General R.E. Wood [1879-1969], under whose leadership Sears Roebuck was transformed from a mail-order to a retail sales behemoth. [6], 7-90 pp. "Communist plotters, in the United States as elsewhere, are preparing for the conquest of political power. The discerning student, however, should consider how interventionism, under various enticing labels, is setting the stage for the final overthrow of the voluntary society, the market economy and constitutional government. [This work], by a world-famous expert, will prove a valuable aid ... Lisez plus
  11. Thumb_elmore-vincent-lumber-jack-lumberjack-songs-with-yodel-60b7ae39-2187-4fe1-b0aa-9205ea4719f8
    • M.M. COLE PUBLISHING CO., 1932
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Sensational vintage compilation of thirty-five 1930s lumberjack songs from the Pacific Northwest. Elmore Vincent was known as "The Northwest Shanty Boy" and the front cover art features his image superimposed over a scene of tall timber being brought down by hand, as chainsaws were but a dream at that time. 64 pages. Includes lyrics, guitar chords and piano sheet music for these songs: A Lumber Lad's Love, Ballad of the Lumberjack, Billy the River Driver, Canaday-I-O, Come With Me In My Little Canoe, Darling Janet, Down in That Lonely Valley, Drinking Song, Fair Charlotte, Grizzly Hogan, Lo... Lisez plus
  12. Thumb_voyage-pole-boreal-fait-1773-ordre-8208460f-479a-4316-b965-b47b507fc7bc
    • Librairie: Libreria Xodo (Italia)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Description: In-4°, pp. XXII, 259, (4) ,testatine e capilettera, 12 tavole più volte rip. raffiguranti carte, paesaggi, flora e fauna dei luoghi descritti, legatura in piena pelle con titolo e fregi in oro al dorso. Tagli rossi.Cerniera superiore in poarte fessurata, mancanze alle cuffie. Prima edizione francese. Interessante spedizione con le navi 'Race de Horse' e la 'Carcasse' volta a scoprire una possibile via verso l'india attraverso le regioni polari settentrionali interrotta dai ghiacci a nord di Spitzbergen. Il viaggio è noto anche per la presenza a bordo del cadetto H.Nelson. Numerose osservazi... Lisez plus
  13. Thumb_viaggio-indie-orientali-osservationi-f15b6b09-cd52-4d4a-9843-8d4f02d146cd
    • Librairie: Libreria Xodo (Italia)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Description: In-4°, pp. (24), 516, (20), numerose testatine e finalini in xilografia, legatura in mezza pergamena con piati in carta decorata, titolo su tassello al dorso. Lavori di tarlo al margine interno bianco di alcune carte, leggera gora di umidità al margine inferiore. Seconda edizione (prima 1672) piuttosto rara di questa importante relazione di viaggi. Frate Vincenzo Maria (dei carmelitani scalzi, al secolo Antonio Murchio), a seguito di un viaggio compiuto intorno alla metà del XVII secolo attraverso India, Persia, Arabia, Armenia, Babilonia, Mesopotamia, Turchia, Malta e altri paesi, redasse ... Lisez plus
  14. Thumb_nelle-solenni-esequie-celebrate-nella-chiesa-metropolitana-5a38d694-fe9b-4cc0-8b29-7c695161fce1
    • Librairie: Libreria Xodo (Italia)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Description: In-4° (29,5 x 23,5 cm.), pp. 55 (1), bellissima legatura in piena pelle nocciola, fregi lineari in oro al dorso, ai piatti ricca cornice a motivi floreali e geometrici, una seconda cornice a palmette impressa a secco e al centro grande stemma di Vittorio Emanule I di Savoia in oro, tagli in oro. Lievi usure al piatto inferiore, nel complesso bella ed elegante legatura Reale. Lisez plus
  15. Thumb_orlando-furioso-lodovico-ariosto-tutto-ricorretto-732091d8-6302-4c36-bf10-676cabb7a713
    • Librairie: Libreria Xodo (Italia)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Description: In-8° (24,5 x 17,5 cm.), pp. (16), 654, (34 ultima bianca), bel frontespizio in ricca cornice xilografica con ritratto dell'autore e marca tipografica, 51 illustrazioni incise in rame racchiuse in ricche cornici, testo su due colonne, "I cinque canti", con proprio frontespizio ed impresa, sono impressi da Nicolò Moretti, tipografo della cui collaborazione si avvalse il giovane Valgrisi. Legatura in piena pelle del secolo successivo, dorso a cinque nervi con titolo e fregi in oro, mancanze agli angoli e alla cuffia superiore, cerniera inferiore rotta su dieci cm. Esemplare leggermente corto ... Lisez plus
  16. Thumb_sainte-bible-tomes-complet-f17511c5-9ff8-489f-b959-21a26e60ae8c
    • MAME ET FILS, 1882
    • Librairie: Cardinal (Francia)
    • Description: Traduction nouvelle selon la Vulgate par MM. J.-J. Bourassé et P. Janvier, dessins de Gustave Doré, ornementation du texte par H. Giacomelli, 2 vol. in- folio cartonnage éditeur pleine percaline grise richement ornées sur les plats de grands compositions en gris et rouge, médaillon central doré (Moïse au tome I, le Christ au Tome II), plaque de A. Souze, toutes tranches dorées, Mame et Fils, Tours, 1882, 904 pp. et 119 planches hors texte ; 942 pp. (texte sur deux colonnes) avec 111 planches hors texte Impressionnant ouvrage orné des 230 planches hors texte dessinées par Gustave Doré, dans ... Lisez plus
  17. Thumb_histoire-politique-anecdotique-populaire-napoleon-02e44b22-3bdb-4d20-80bf-11e79e9aa25f
    • Librairie: Cardinal (Francia)
    • Description: 4 vol. grand in-8 reliure de l'époque demi-chagrin rouge, dos à 4 nerfs orné (abeille), Dufour, Mulat et Boulanger, Paris, 1853, 2 ff., 400 pp. et 9 planches ; 2 ff., 408 pp. et 10 pl. ; 2 ff., 400 pp. et 9 pl. ; 2 ff., 400 pp. et 9 pl. Remarquable exemplaire de cette rare édition enrichi d'un envoi de Paul Lacroix au comte de Persigny ("A Monsieur le Comte de Persigny, Hommage respectueux de l'auteur"). Victor de Persigny (1808-1872) alors comte puis bientôt duc, était alors ministre de l'intérieur de l'Empereur Napoléon III. Ayant composé seul, de 1849 à 1852, ce gros ouvrage en 4 volumes... Lisez plus
  18. Thumb_christophori-christophori-sandii-notae-animadversiones-5de8bec3-3856-46cc-a992-163e70a605e0
    • Librairie: Cardinal (Francia)
    • Description: 1 vol. in-12 reliure de l'époque pleine basane marron, dos à 5 nerfs orné, Apud Janssonio Waesbergios, Amstelodami [ Amsterdam ], 1677, 7 ff., 1 f. blanc, 355 pp., 11 ff. n. ch., 1 f. blanc Rare exemplaire de l'édition originale, dans laquelle l'auteur annote et corrige Gérard Vossius. Ecrivain socinien, Christoph Sand (1644-1680) fut un disciple de Spinoza et défendit son Tractatus dans ces mêmes années 1676-1680. Etat très satisfaisant (reliure frottée avecpetits mq. en mors et coiffes, qq. ff. lég. froissés, bon état par ailleurs). Lenglet, Méthode, 381 ; Bibliotheca Colfanae, 161 Latin Lisez plus
  19. Thumb_methode-pour-apprendre-facilement-geographie-contenant-11537de2-3e86-4871-9246-caadb77f1e56
    • Librairie: Cardinal (Francia)
    • Description: Dédiée à Monseigneur le Duc du Mayne., Seconde édition, revüe & augmentée de plusieurs choses considérables & d'une table des matières, par M. Robbe, 1 vol. in-12 reliure de l'époque pleine basane marron, dos à 5 nerfs, Chez Antoine Dezallier, Paris, 1685, 400 pp., 4 ff., 138 pp., 9 ff. n. ch. avec 11 cartes doubles aux frontières rehaussées en couleurs. Tome second seul de l'édition de 1685, contenant 11 cartes doubles rehaussées en couleurs par Nicolas de Fer (Asie, [ Arabie ], Perse, Mogol, Presqu'Isle de l'Inde deça le Golfe du Gange, Presqu'Isle de l'Inde delà le Golfe du Gange, la Chi... Lisez plus
  20. Thumb_histoire-naturelle-oiseaux-europe-edition-originale-da2c20f4-5457-4a69-b032-a467e49c00d6
    • F. SAVY, 1864
    • Librairie: Cardinal (Francia)
    • Description: Avec 80 planches représentant 200 sujets peintes d'après nature, gravées sur acier par Pauquet, 1 vol. in-8 reliure d'origine pleine percaline verte, F. Savy, Paris, s.d. [ 1864 ], 2 ff. n. ch., 203 pp., 1 f. (faux-titre colorié), 80 planches coloriées sous serpente, et 2 planches en noir (dont une planche double) Bon exemplaire de ce bel ouvrage, bien complet des 83 planches (y compris le faux-titre colorié), sans le supplément de taxidermie qui pouvait être seulement inséré dans l'ouvrage venant en complément "Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux exotiques" (qq. rouss. dans le texte, très lég. ... Lisez plus


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