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C'est toujours important la relation de confiance qui est établi entre les acheteurs et les vendeurs. Ce rapport est plus importante que plus délicate est le choix de ce que vous achetez.
Avec les livres précieux, anciens et nouveaux, la confiance c'est encore plus important, à cause des caractéristiques particulières de ce type de collectionisme.
Afin d'offrir la meilleure garantie nous avons estimé qu'il était essentiel de ne compter que sur les vendeurs professionnels.
Ce choix - qui semble limitant pour un site de livres, il est en fait un élément fondamental: de cette façon nous pouvons offrir le service "satisfait ou remboursé".
Nous avons également été la premièr site au monde à offrir l'achat à tempérement des  livres de valeur, sans intérêt.

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  1. Thumb_hockey-handbook-7b522b21-a1dc-4aca-9d29-4bafd0bea2c3
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Signed and generically inscribed by Lloyd Percival [1913-1974] upon front free endpaper. A rare first edition copy of this, the first comprehensive compilation of authoritative details of playing and coaching the fastest game on ice. The product of nearly six years of research with thousands of players and coaches of all levels. x, 320 pages. Index. Black and white diagrams and photos of NHL stars of the day. Very heavy wear to publisher's pale green cloth. Contents moderately toned with age. Prior owner signatures upon front free endpaper. Narrow opening in binding at title page. Backstrip... Lisez plus
  2. Thumb_american-waiter-instructions-american-european-fef3ccb6-a344-4190-b5ec-a36c6c1bed65
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [4], 225, [2], 8 [ads], pages. Index. Many diagrams of place settings, etc. 16.5 x 8.6 cm. A detailed treatment intended to familiarize readers with every aspect of dining room service. Author was an experienced waiter who used this book to train others. Heavy wear to flexible black leather-covered covers which are missing several chips. Title clearly legible in gilt upon front cover. Prior owner's details upon front free endpaper. Beige staining to lower fore-edge of first fifteen pages - all text legible. Bit of pencil writing upon recto of back free endpaper. Binding tender but intact. F... Lisez plus
  3. Thumb_california-stock-horse-52a5a748-13c9-411a-8da8-ac6db17ca6ee
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [6], 169 pages. Glossary. Profusely illustrated with excellent black and white photos. Photographic endpapers. Stated first edition. A thorough and practical exposition of the breaking out of the range raised colt. Chapters include: The Horsebreaker; The First Lesson; The Sack Hobble; Bad Habits Controlled; His First Shoeing; Basic Fundamentals; The Two Rein; The Mountain Raised Bronc; Ground Work; The Stake Rope. Publisher's faux leather brown cloth decorated in gilt. No dust jacket, presumably as issued. Somewhat above-average external wear. Binding intact. Prior owner's details atop copy... Lisez plus
  4. Thumb_germany-foreign-policy-stated-mein-kampf-adolf-8f3ad82b-1915-433a-8b7c-de5f88a8a4d5
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 21 pages. 21 x 14 cm. Opens with a highly informative five-page Foreword by the Duchess of Atholl, M.P., the first female Scottish Member of Parliament. She provides details of the publishing and distribution history of Mein Kampf to-date, and possible reasons why its content has remained relatively unknown for so long by non-German speakers. In particular, she expresses her disdain for the 'severe expurgation' of the October 1933 English version entitled My Struggle. The following fourteen pages consist of quotes from a 1936 edition of Mein Kampf (which she refers to as the Nazi Bible) in ... Lisez plus
  5. Thumb_documents-from-espionage-collection-a7476af3-00e2-4a51-97ff-9383cd0f7d7e
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Approximately 500 pages. The first 204 pages consist entirely of a trove of 73 fascimile reprints of classified American documents, some or all of which we assume were captured by Iranian students when they overran the American embassy in Teheran at the onset of the Iranian hostage crisis. Titles of these documents include: Planning for the Shah to Come to the U.S.; Goals and Objectives in Iran; Iranian Revolution a CIA Plot; Ali Reza Farahmand; Conversation with the Mayor of Abadan; Mehdi Rowghani; Meeting with Radical Movement Leader Moghadam Maragheie; Country Plan Proposal. Balance of t... Lisez plus
  6. Thumb_mirrors-guide-manufacture-mirrors-reflecting-23fe10b7-7668-46da-af5c-c7cfc95efcf1
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xix, [3], 3-243 pages. Appendices, Patents Index, Name Index, and Subject Index. Black and white diagrams and reproductions of photos. "Written for all who are interested in mirrors; the manufacturer, his manager and his apprentice, for the practical experimentalist and, perhaps, even for the scientist and explorer of present and future possibilities. Part I provides a short survey of the whole field. Part II goes into detail, beginning with a brief history of mirrors and a fairly comprehensive description of all the silvering processes at present employed in the mirror and related industri... Lisez plus
  7. Thumb_lumberjack-5cfa4445-f008-401c-8a97-ee2d6ae206b9
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Signed, without inscription, by William Kurelek upon title page. Stated first printing. "As a young man Kurelek [1927-1977] signed up as a lumberjack in the Canadian bush. Here he has drawn on his memories and experiences and in detailed text and 25 stunning full-color paintings he describes a way of life that has virtually disappeared. Here we see how the lumberjack used his tools to fell trees, buck the wood, and pile it into cords. Each man was paid for his own work, so more often than not he worked alone. However, there was a hearty camaraderie when the men returned to camp in the eveni... Lisez plus
  8. Thumb_engineering-consent-872db4dd-8abd-4dbe-b34b-750d7cdbd5da
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: ix, [3], 3-246 pages. Index. Third printing of the 1955 first edition. "A well-planned public relations program, says Edward L. Bernays, U.S. Publicist Number 1, is executed in accordance with scientific principles. This book is based on the findings of social scientists, whose dispassionate approach and methods may be likened to those of the engineering professions... A systematic presentation of the principal organizational problems in any public relations undertaking." - dust jacket. Light wear to publisher's navy blue cloth. Tight and square. Prior owner's name and faint erasure atop fr... Lisez plus
  9. Thumb_bibliography-writings-winston-churchill-1bd3efd3-6511-4650-bc52-d42ea184d8fa
    • THOEMMES, 2006
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: The product of twenty-five years of meticulous research, this essential Churchillian bibliography exhaustively covers thousands of books, pamphlets, leaflets, speeches, letters, and more. All three volumes new, unread and individually shrinkwrapped. 25 x 17.5 x 13cm. 4.2kg. Lisez plus
  10. Thumb_camp-saints-d1fc0598-1c21-457e-9294-b93d900d7264
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 311 pages. First English printing of the 1973 French first edition. "A chilling novel about the end of the white world." - dust jacket. "The 'Brave New World' of the 70's. I am still haunted by the drama and suspense and horror of that armada!" - Germaine Bree. "Takes on a whole cluster of polemical issues - over-population, race, the Third World, and the character of liberal thought and sentiment." - Max Lerner. Somewhat above-average wear. Spine leaning. Usual library markings. Clear plastic laminate over dust jacket. Lisez plus
  11. Thumb_checkmate-north-axis-planned-invade-america-cfa3113b-11f3-4531-a21d-f848f001cb5c
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [12], 304 pages. 21.3 x 14 cm. Reprint of the 1944 first edition. Seventeen pages of black and white photographic plates. World War II required the United Nations to prepare for the threatened invasion of the American continent by the Axis Powers. Careful study indicated the Nazi timing of this invasion was the early winter of 1941-42. So confident in this plan were the Nazi Storm Troopers that German prisoners of war, landing at a port in the St. Lawrence from England in 1940, were convinced they would soon be released by air-borne troops and armed again to assist in the plan of Nazi invas... Lisez plus
  12. Thumb_japanese-occupation-philippines-volume-only-468ccad7-b0f8-4a11-b9ae-6efc7a0812ca
    • BOOKMARK, 1967
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: Signed, without inscription, by author upon title page. Also signed and inscribed by author upon front free endpaper. xvi, 662 pages. Black and white reproductions of archival photos. "Except for the last few chapters, this entire work was written from day to day during the three years of the author's internment in Santo Tomas and is therefore to be considered as a prison document. The writing of any such record as this was forbidden by the Japanese under strong menace. In the end they destroyed their own records and those of the successive internee executive committees, but the author's vo... Lisez plus
  13. Thumb_federal-reserve-system-origin-growth-complete-f63807d1-cca0-4177-9281-ba9558f81bf7
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xx,853,viii,899 pages. Index in each volume. First printing. Reflections and recollections of Paul Warburg [1868 - 1932], considered by many to have been the main driver behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. Warburg was reluctant to publish this work until, in the autumn of 1928, "I became convinced that the Federal Reserve System had entered upon a gravely critical period in its career, and that for the discussion about to ensue it was highly important that certain vital facts in the origin and growth of the System be adequately understood." - viii [v1]. Gilt lett... Lisez plus
  14. Thumb_fusul-madani-aphorisms-statesman-university-c2f7171f-2526-4626-baf5-28ab0cf097a2
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [6], 208 pages. Includes: Introduction; Analysis of Contents; English Translation; Notes to the English Translation; English Index; Arabic Text; Arabic Index; Variants and Readings in the Hebrew Version. Errata slip tipped in at Table of Contents. Tight and square. Prior owner's name atop front free endpaper otherwise contents clean, bright and unmarked. Light wear to publisher's air force blue cloth. Dust jacket not included. A quality copy. Lisez plus
  15. Thumb_auschwitz-doctor-eyewitness-account-27e5704a-3602-4a62-bbb1-06293c816904
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: xviii, 222 pages. Black and white photographic plates. "When the Germans invaded Hungary in 1944, they immediately shipped virtually the entire Jewish population to Auschwitz. Separated from his family, Dr. Miklos Nyiszli [1901-1956] was chosen to direct the medical pathology work carried on among the prisoners by the Nazis for the purpose of 'scientific research' in that most infamous of all concentration camps. Through the doctor's eyes, we relive not only the day-to-day horrors of life in the KZ but also witness the slow disintegration of an empire built to last a thousand years. What Dr... Lisez plus
  16. Thumb_about-zionism-speeches-lectures-professor-albert-59383db2-88dc-49b8-8de1-6877eeb68c73
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [8] 9-94 pages. Select Bibliography. First published in London in 1930. "Professor Einstein is better known as a physicist than as a Zionist. Yet for many years he has given abundant proof both of a keen interest in Zionism and of a penetrating insight into its underlying ideas. He is impelled to Zionism by his acute consciousness of the excessive price at which the blessings of assimilation are bought by the Jewish communities of the Western world, which for him are mainy represented by that of Germany. The price is a loss of solidarity, of moral independence and self-respect. These, in hi... Lisez plus
  17. Thumb_pilgrim-partners-forty-years-british-american-27ddb493-a7ef-4b31-ba90-fdb21476ef2a
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: 156 pages. Index. Seventeen black and white plates. "In this unusual and important book, the author traces the remarkable history of 'The Pilgrims,' a unique organization which may well prove the basis and meeting-ground for an even closer fellowship between the the two great English-speaking peoples on whose constant friendship the peace of the world so largely depends." - from dust jacket. "The goal to move America into global government is not new. It was the goal of many British aristocrats, specifically Cecil Rhodes and industrialist Andrew Carnegie, along with the Pilgrim Society." - ... Lisez plus
  18. Thumb_hatchet-mark-duplicate-c1bcdbe9-c660-4199-84b2-04d6a0fad60b
    • Librairie: (Canada)
    • Description: [iv]-vii, [1], [2]-282 p. 19.5 cm. Memoirs of an Anglican missionary at Fort Vermillion and Dunvegan in the Peace River district of Northern Alberta, 1876-1891. Tight and square. Gift greetings upon front free endpaper. Foxing to fore-edge, less-so on bottom edge. Moderate wear to publisher's fire engine red cloth lettered in black. No dust jacket. A sound copy. Wallace p.80, Peel [2e] 3135, Wetherell 9-26. Lisez plus
  19. Thumb_osservazioni-odontalgiche-sulle-cause-della-carie-2fc834af-e364-433d-b2ee-9a485d7b24e7
    • Librairie: Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco (Italia)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Description: in-8 (mm 215x140), pp. XX+209+(3), con 2 tavole in rame ripieg. f.t. al termine e il rarissimo antiporta inciso, legatura coeva in carta azzurrina. Prima ed unica edizione di quest'opera di estrema rarità, una delle prime integralmente dedicate all'analisi della carie dentaria. L'autore esamina dettagliatamente le cause esterne della carie (tra cui la corrosione dello smalto con sostanze abrasive, l'uso eccessivo di tabacco e zuccheri, l'accumulo del tartaro, la corrosione da parte degli acidi), e quelle interne; e fornisce precetti elementari di igiene dentaria. Esamina poi le cause che p... Lisez plus
  20. Thumb_natura-coltura-fiori-fisicamente-esposta-c0b367a6-1ae3-4071-b254-61b4ae81fc41
    • PALERMO, ANGELO FELICELLA, 1767-68,, 1767
    • Librairie: Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco (Italia)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Description: 3 vol. (2 di testo ed 1 di atlante) in-4, pp. VIII, 440; VIII, 416, 167, (privo delle 9 pp. n.n. finali contenenti un ''Indice delle Materie''); leg. coeva p. perg., tit. oro ai dorsi, tagli marmorizz. Il terzo vol. è costituito da 65 bellissime tavole num. su doppio foglio, finem. inc. in rame dall'autore stesso; esse illustrano una grande varietà di fiori nell'insieme e nei particolari (le prime tre raffig. rispettivamente un magnifico frontesp. allegorico, semi ed attrezzi da giardinaggio, esempi di aiuole). Prima assai rara edizione di quest'opera straordinaria, di grande interesse ed i... Lisez plus


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