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This text discusses important theoretical and practical aspects for calculation, design and operation of packed towers. The methods presented are based on sound physical chemistry and mathematical modelling. Numerous experimental, industrial investigations have confirmed the validity of methods applied. The advantages of packed towers, as opposed to plate towers, for saving energy and protecting the environment are outlined The rising trend towards the operation of packed towers in separation processes was initiated after the energy crisis in the seventies. This book is the first of its kind which treats all the important theoretical and practical aspects for the calculation, design and operation of these packed towers. The main applications of packed towers are in the separation of gas-liquid or vapour-liquid systems. This book considers all features of packed towers for industrial separation plants that can be used in process and environmental technology. It includes a comprehensive treatment of packed-bed technology and the advantages of packed towers, such as the application of improved methods for energy saving purposes, environmental protection measures and the revamping of existing plants, are clearly outlined. The methods presented are based on sound physical and mathematical modelling, the validity of which have been confirmed by numerous experimental investigations performed in laboratories and pilot plants and then scaled up to meet practical, industrial requirements.Zusatzinfo 281 Abb., 49 Tab. Sprache deutsch Einbandart gebunden Technologie Füllkörperkolonne Techniker Chemische Technik Technologisch ISBN-10 3-527-28616-0 / 3527286160 ISBN-13 978-3-527-28616-4 / 9783527286164 Packed Towers In Processing and Environmental Technology (English) [Hardcover] Reinhard Billet Wiley-VCH Types of packing Fluid dynamics in countercurrent packed columns absorption Air Water area per unit beds of packing Bialecki rings capacity factor Fv Ceramic Chlorobenzene/Ethylbenzene column diameter constant corresponding costs cross-section curve defined by Eqn desorption determined diagram drop per theoretical dumped end effects enthalpy Ethylbenzene evaluation flood point function Gas capacity factor geometry given Glitsch height H Hiflow rings HTUov hydraulic diameter inlet zone isobaric kmol/kmol liquid load uL liquid phase liquid-liquid extraction listed in Table mass transfer coefficient metal packing metal Pall rings mole fraction number of liquid number of theoretical number of transfer obtained packed bed packed columns Packing height phase inversion pilot plant Qualitative random beds Raschig ring rectification reflux ratio resistance factor Reynolds number shown in Fig specific column volume specific pressure drop stacked theoretical stages transfer unit types of packing unit height unit volume uv,s Vapour capacity factor vapour load velocity void fraction volumetric flow rate

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