Octavo green; viii, 85 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm Author inscribed || Contents: Part I: Prelude to a beatdown.Two o'clock park jams -- Gray grease -- Nada -- The low end -- The urban village -- Part 2: Running in place. Emerald Hills -- Colonia libertad -- Shelltown -- Barrio Logan -- Encanto -- Plaza Boulevard -- Escondido -- Imperial Beach (i. Boys go missing, ii. Border Field State Park) -- East Village West -- The Mission -- Part 3: The movement variations on a scheme. The movement freestyles for the dying sun -- Mission redux -- Cuando Ganamos -- Part 4: Mahcic: Mexipino genealogy. Grandma Pearl's humming song -- Grandpa floating halfway home -- After telegram day -- She had to -- Good neighbors -- My brother's name -- They told us we needed Jesus -- Removing his body -- Remembering the family portrait -- You didn't come gently -- This is what it be like -- An answer. || Poetry. Geographic: San Diego (Calif.) -- Poetry.

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