Folio. 17th century vellum, leather label on spine. Printer' device (twice), a full - page illustration on verso of title, and 135 woodcuts by Johann Chrieger, including machines, hydraulic devices, clocks, musical instruments and a full - page bird's eye view of Venice not found in earlier issues. (20), 375, (1) pp.; a good copy; a few leaves misbound in quire H and some occasional mild damp staining.
First edition with Barbaro's commentary in Latin. In 1556 Barbaro (1513 - 70) published an Italian translation of Vitruvius with a commentary «which follows closely the Latin Philander edition of 1552» (Fowler). That very successful Italian edition was followed by this new Latin version, probably intended for a larger scholarly audience throughout Europe. «In his address to the reader, Franceschi states that when he asked Barbaro for permission to reprint his Italian Vitruvius he received from him the Latin version as well, with added text and illustrations for both versions» (Mortimer). The woodcuts by Johann Chrieger, a German artist active in Venice, are reduced copies of those in the 1556 edition which had been drawn by Palladio. An edition in Italian was also published in 1567. Cicognara 716. Fowler 409. Mortimer, Harvard, 550.
Prima edizione latina con l'importante commento del Barbaro, apprezzata anche per le numerose interessanti illustrazioni inc. in legno, tra cui una bella veduta di Venezia a p. pagina che compare qui per la prima volta. Pochi fogli posposti nel quaderno H, e qualche lieve traccia d’umidità, ma buon esemplare rilegato in pergamena del ‘600.

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