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  1. Thumb_crusader-official-publication-knights-4d528473-a04d-4fcf-adf5-e2c47f02a6d9
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. 50. Black and white reproductions of photos and illustrations. Contents include: Stop Busing; Basis of America's Race Crisis; Equality No Longer Enough For Minorities; Who Rules America?; The Last Hurrah - article on Richard Nixon; List of books and merchandise for sale; The New Orthodoxy; Ad for music cassette by Odis Cochran and the Three Bigots; Stereotyping; European History and Carbon 14; Masters of the Media; Why the Klan?. Undated but, as issue No. 5 was published in Fall 1974, this issue was most likely published in late 1974. Writing on front cover and several pages. Moderate w... Lisez plus
  2. Thumb_crusader-official-publication-knights-bb062367-243c-4cd7-a299-cd947d39a1c8
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp [60]. Printed upon glossy stock. Frequent grainy black and white reproductions of photos plus some two-color illustrations (red and black). Articles include: Revolt of the Submen; The Ku Klux Klan - A Short History; Photo of Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder and first Imperial Wizard of the KKKK; Photo of David Duke standing beside plaque commemorating the 1865 founding of the KKK; Poetry Front; Why Conservatives Can't Win; Masters of the Media; Tomorrow Belongs To Us; List of books and merchandise for sale; Race and Integration - Scientists Speak Out; News from KKKK chapters; One-page pho... Lisez plus
  3. Thumb_look-magazine-july-1939-hate-uncle-adolph-584a66eb-61a8-4c35-a486-bb64e5de935f
    • LOOK/COWLES, 1939
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Includes fascinating six-page photo-illustrated feature by William P. Hitler, Adolph's nephew "who tells so candidly some things about his uncle that only a relative could know". Other features include: Student Nurses - their work and their uniforms; Stockings - short skirts bring new styles - Willy De Mond (Willy's of Hollywood); Why I Want Roosevelt to Run Again, by Harold L. Ickes; Gatti Pictures - an African Chief takes his 70 wives to the Beauty Parlor; Page of America's 10 most wanted, with photos, by J. Edgar Hoover; Movie Preview - Lady of the Tropics, starring Hedy Lamarr, and Robe... Lisez plus
  4. Thumb_load-wagon-story-jack-harris-521c69fb-1003-40c9-9e23-28884a143e9f
    • CHARLES R. STOCKS, INC., 1987
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Jack Harris [1914-1981] was "a legendary leader in the agri-business of California, Arizona and throughout the West for over forty years. This is a book about a man's man - who dared to do - and do it first. His life encompassed dramatic developments in the farming and cattle business. A rugged individualist, an independent thinker, and a firm believer in free enterprise, he grew thousands of acres of crops, fed some 100,000 head of cattle, processed 800 head of cattle a day, and sold a portion of his meat through his store and restaurant." - dust jacket. [6], 7-145, [1] map. Chronology. Re... Lisez plus
  5. Thumb_gurion-scandals-haganah-mossad-fd27ea88-ae31-434d-adb4-61a3dcc7151c
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: "Reveals for the first time shocking incidents of misconduct by Ben Gurion throughout his political career and later by succeeding Israeli governments. Examples include: The sinking of ships carrying Jewish survivors from Europe; The bombing of Jewish installations in Iraq in order to force the Jews to leave Iraq for Israel; His disregard of vital information pertaining to the slaughter of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust. When the author first saw the research material used for this book, he was shocked. He did not believe that Jews could kill other Jews for political objectives. He gra... Lisez plus
  6. Thumb_plants-used-against-cancer-survey-bioactive-plants-575b07cc-4d9d-4c5b-93c9-c89125a8eb01
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: "Dr. Hartwell compiles an amazing number of anecdotal and folk remedies for many afflictions, some strictly and some loosely defined as 'cancerous' in nature. Covering nearly one thousand references and more than 3,000 species, this reprint is an efficient source book, one that will be of great use to many scientists of many disciplines." - Foreword. "A facsimile compilation of the serialization entitled 'Plants Used Against Cancer, A Survey', by Jonathan L. Hartwell which appeared in Lloydia in eleven installments between 1967 and 1971. The original text has been reproduced chronologically... Lisez plus
  7. Thumb_secret-forces-techniques-underground-movements-d3a08f1f-0896-49be-849e-aadc2e11d87e
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. [6], 7-181. Index. Maps and diagrams. "This book may help the reader to understand what secret forces are at the back of the many civil wars, strikes and acts of sabotage, that are so typical of our epoch, and how these are organized and conducted. The People's War destroys the soul of a nation, systematically leading it into disobedience and disrespect of law and order. As in all revolutions, the People's War means complete chaos, a savage struggle in which the end justifies the means, and vengeance, trickery, and even treachery, play a great part." - Introduction. Chapters include: Ma... Lisez plus
  8. Thumb_totor-tristan-deux-soldats-bois-6747667b-65a1-49ac-b7c4-e4d785a6b94f
    • GINN AND COMPANY, 1938
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. xiv, [2], 179. Nicely illustrated in color and black and white. School stamps and prior owner's details upon endpapers. Above-average wear. Back hinge open. A worthy reference copy of this charming vintage elementary-level French language reader ideally suited to English-speaking readers possessing introductory oral experience with French. Lisez plus
  9. Thumb_minister-massacres-20c9f441-8959-4b21-a89e-640e78c7b07e
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. xxii, 442. Index, footnotes, chronology, black and white photographic plates. "An expose of the responsibility of Harold Macmillan for the forced repatriation of Cossacks and Yugoslav citizens from British occupied Austria in 1945. This book is censored in England, and has been removed from the Bodleian and other research libraries. It is thought to be the first book banned on political grounds for exactly two centuries, the last being Thomas Paine's 'The Rights Of Man', condemned by the English courts in 1792". - Michael Hurst, per author's website. Clean, bright and unmarked with ligh... Lisez plus
  10. Thumb_archaeology-southern-ontario-1650-occasional-3a72961f-3bfe-436d-8722-13baaba12f77
    • OAS INC., 1990
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. xxii, 570, [4]. Extensive list of references cited. List of figures. Errata slip inside front cover. "Presents a synthesis of the long and varied development and the details of Native life in southern Ontario revealed primarily by archaeological research." - Introduction. Prior owner's name inside front cover. Please note: Considerable highlighting to contents, primarily the first 60 pages. Average wear. Binding intact. A sound copy of this excellent reference. Lisez plus
  11. Thumb_chemistry-volume-series-5187fb53-c774-49f5-ac1a-213cec535405
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. [18], 599, [20] index, [2] ads. Six pages of colour photographic plates. Numerous black and white reproductions of photos in text. Present "the most neglected story in modern health care, the story of the chemical elements and their need in correctional nutrition for the prevention, reversal and healing of disease." - subtitle. "Reveals the research studies of Dr. V.G. Rocine, whom [the author] considers one of his greatest teachers. Dr. Jensen verified the teachings of V.G. Rocine by demonstrating, through over 50 years of sanitarium work, the effectiveness of nutrition in restoring pa... Lisez plus
  12. Thumb_racket-f83ae45a-4026-4386-86c0-1dda15e6522e
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: pp. [vi], 52. First printing. "War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious." - p. 1. Butler [1881-1940] knew his subject intimately, having served in numerous military actions around the world while coming to his conclusion. He died five years after publication as the most decorated Marine in U.S. history until that time, having received not one but two Congressional Medals of Honor. "Probably the most concise indictment of non-defensive warfare ever written." - Robert H. Weems. Half-inch chip from bottom corner of page... Lisez plus
  13. Thumb_even-your-nose-knows-when-washday-your-home-vintage-18fefb9e-03d3-4084-84a0-d9d93ee5d49c
    • LAUNDERLAND, 1928
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Vintage color advertising poster for Launderland, "The Laundry That Does It Best", dated September 1928. Features image of well-heeled young lady superimposed over image of domestic laundry room with a hamper full of dirty clothes. 20.5" x 10.75". Printed upon thick card stock. Unmarked with average wear and soiling. A lovely and nostalgic example of advertising from America's Roaring Twenties, illustrating the boom in consumerism of the day as city women of means were freed from the drudgery of their former household duties. Note: The name Launderland does not appear but is inferred from a... Lisez plus
  14. Thumb_launderland-spotless-vintage-laundry-advertising-poster-6cf200bf-7d8a-428b-95a2-5f3285ef8c90
    • LAUNDERLAND, 1928
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Vintage color advertising poster for Launderland, "The Laundry That Does It Best", dated November 1928. Features image of well-heeled lady superimposed over scene of employees at work in a large commercial laundry. 20.5" x 10.75". Printed upon thick card stock. Unmarked with average wear. Small bits of loss from upper left corner. 1.5" opening to right edge. Small moisture stain to upper right corner. A lovely and nostalgic example of advertising from America's Roaring Twenties, illustrating the boom in consumerism of the day as city women of means were freed from the drudgery of their form... Lisez plus
  15. Thumb_draining-swamp-monetary-fiscal-policy-reform-96621914-7c4f-4ddd-8809-36bd5e7eaa79
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: "Offers a new theory of money with specific proposals for replacing the nation's outdated monetary and tax policies. Calls for general prosperity without sacrifice, and is written in plain language. A mosaic of ideas - images from the realms of philosophy, economics, finance, history, sociology, morality, law and politics - arranged in unusual patterns. Just when you think you have the picture, a new image changes the scene. Be prepared to face the dark side - and possibly to see the light." - dust jacket. pp. xxviii, 352. Index. Footnotes. Bit of writing atop front free endpaper, otherwise... Lisez plus
  16. Thumb_tales-kitamaat-74deb640-9c51-4e78-bb6d-9c41db8a6378
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Signed, without inscription, by author upon title page. pp. viii, 46. "A selection of legends, folk stories and customs of the Haisla people, a branch of the Kwakiutl Indian language-group who live on the West Coast of British Columbia." - subtitle. Lovely line drawing illustrations. Sound and unmarked with light wear. A special first edition copy. Lisez plus
  17. Thumb_candlelight-candle-light-years-history-innisfail-4f57e0aa-6f7d-4d91-af80-4b9f55628822
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Presents the proud history of Innisfail, Alberta and district, accompanied by a substantial compilation of local family histories. 501 pages. Index. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of black and white reproductions of wonderful archival photos. Red front board handsomely decorated in gilt. Binding sound. Clean and unmarked with moderate wear. Binding sound. A quality copy of this treasured local history and genealogical reference. Krotki [2e] 523, Strathern 2933, Lisez plus
  18. Thumb_york-times-magazine-november-1975-pablo-5a182373-f2ae-480d-baae-39e3b45724f9
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Features: Fantastic aerial photo of an offshore drilling platform; American Fur Industry one-page color-photo ad features three beauties in long coats, each eating submarine sandwiches; Drilling for Oil in the North Sea - Britain's race to save itself from economic and social upheaval; Andre Malraux interviews Pablo Picasso; Keep Open Admissions Open - For Five Years, the City University has offered an education to all high-school graduates; Can a Woman Be Liberated and Married? - by Caryl Rivers; The High Price of Treasure - The Treasure of the Atocha, which sunk off the Florida Keys in 16... Lisez plus
  19. Thumb_york-times-magazine-november-1975-5151673a-444a-4833-99b3-7d2523611933
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Features: Whence - Man's quest for understanding of his role in the universe, by Sir Bernard Lovell; A New Model T to the Rescue - General Motors' T-car, a.k.a. Kadett, Gemini, K-180 and, now, Chevette, leads America's race for the minicar market; Jury by Trial - There are now computers, pollsters, media analysts and even psychics to help the well-helled defendant find his panel of 'peers'; Black and white in Catholic Eyes - The struggles for survival at the bottom of America - suggests white ethnics and blacks have more reasons for unity than for division; Little Ladies of the Night - Rath... Lisez plus
  20. Thumb_york-times-magazine-november-1975-deng-09e723e8-ba55-46f7-9817-cff703e558ee
    • Librairie: RareNonFiction.com (Canada)
    • Description: Features: Cover photo of Deng Xiaoping, perhaps the man most responsible for the mighty industrial resurgence of China in recent decades; Vantage cigarette ad features Nancy Clarke; Resurrection in China - This week Gerald Ford will be met on the tarmac in Peking by Teng Hsiao-ping, the effective head of the Chinese government; Consensus in Russia - No matter who takes over from Brezhnev, the future will be a continuation of the present; Boomer of the Arts - In nine high-voltage years Thomas Hoving has led the Metropolitan Museum the city's No. 1 tourist attraction among New Yorkers; The Ne... Lisez plus


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