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  1. Thumb_american-prince-memoir-edition-printing-36e14373-079f-423b-9fcc-ab41402d2f18
    • HARMONY BOOKS, 2008
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A most handsome first edition/first printing only preceded by a privately published edition of Easton Press in As New condition in alike dustjacket, SIGNED by actor and author Tony Curtis on the half-title page; Tony Curtis' autobiography portraits the Golden Boy of the Golden Age and the Hollywood life of his dreams with both invincible highs and debilitating lows. An out-of-this world life with the greats of the industry such as Frank Sinatra, Laurence Olivier, director Billy Wilder, Lew Wasserman, Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe and many others Lisez plus
  2. Thumb_inkdeath-edition-printing-22332f7b-44b1-4389-bc5a-4cedccfff630
    • SCHOLASTIC, 2008
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A beautiful 1st edition/1st printing (this US edition was published September 26, 11 days prior to the UK edition) in As New condition in alike dust-jacket. This copy is SIGNED by author Cornelia Funke directly on the title page; Cornelia Funke's third and last book of the trilogy. The Adderhead has his henchmen plunder the villages. With the Book of Immortality unraveling, the Adderhead again fears the White Women of Death, kidnaps all the children in the kingdom, dooming them to slavery in the silver mines unless Mo surrenders. Due to the rising success of her books, Funke is already ... Lisez plus
  3. Thumb_lyra-oxford-edition-printing-d51293f8-0156-4b2c-b4ab-262cf6ee6e9a
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 16mo A beautiful first edition/first printing in flawless As New condition in the original red cloth binding (issued without dustjacket) , SIGNED by author Philip Pullman and illustrator John Lawrence directly on the title page; An exciting tale set in the world of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials saga. This collectible hardcover volume includes the short story by Mr. Pullman, plus a fold-out map of Oxford and various "souvenirs" from the past. Beautifully illustrated throughout with woodcut illustrations by John Lawrence; Woodcuts Lisez plus
  4. Thumb_everyman-edition-printing-b20ac862-8293-4099-9912-b66aebbf56b3
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: Small 8vo An impeccable first edition, first printing in As New condition in alike dust jacket. SIGNED by author Philip Roth on the title page. A most collectible copy, rather scarce in signed condition; Roth's PEN/Faulkner Award winning novel, containing its share of autobiographical elements, is the story of the unnamed Jewish man who, eventually dies of cardiac arrest. The "Everyman" grew up in New Jersey, studied art, worked in advertising, was married and divorced three times. He spent his last few years in a retirement village, painting and teaching art to his fellow residents; [viii]... Lisez plus
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A first printing of the first edition in fine condition housed in a dust-jacket of the same condition; A tale of growing up and the importance of family, a young girl Merci Suarez struggles with overcoming Middle school and her interpersonal relationships. ; 361 pages Lisez plus
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A lovely first printing of the first edition housed in an equally unblemished dust-jacket. Volume is signed by illustrator Alan Lee directly on the title page; A fantasy story between an immortal Elf-maiden and mortal man. An epic tale of love and adventure, Beren and Luthiens conquests through middle-earth. Presented for the first time as a stand alone story, this tale was an essential element in the development of the Silmarillion ; 288 pages Lisez plus
  5. Thumb_harry-potter-goblet-fire-edition-0e6425d9-9b80-4e7c-8661-7c33ec80bd4b
    • SCHOLASTIC, 2000
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A stunning first US edition/first printing in unread Fine condition in alike dust-jacket; The fourth book in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, where Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts for more magical adventures. Harry turns 14 and becomes interested in girls, one in particular. And with Dark Magic comes danger, as someone close to Harry dies. The 2005 film based on the Goblet of Fire was the fourth in the popular Harry Potter film series, continuing with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson in their familiar rolesObtain the complete Harry Potter Series, 1st/1st in As New co... Lisez plus
  6. Thumb_history-nasa-america-voyage-stars-8df51083-e8e5-4970-af8c-f7df29075de5
    • EXETER BOOKS, C1984
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: Folio Very Good+ condition with some aging and soiling to the boards in a Very Good- dust-jacket with scuffing, soiling and other wear. There is a sticker on the front pastedown; Discusses the challenge of aerospace travel to both man's minds and to man's bodies; 192 pages Lisez plus
  7. Thumb_exploring-solar-system-edition-printing-b7608688-1d4f-4774-aed0-f609be579901
    • RANDOM HOUSE, 2003
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 4to A first printing of the first edition in As New condition in alike dust-jacket, SIGNED by astronaut and author Sally Ride directly on the title page; Starting from the sun and working their way outward, Space Shuttle astronaut Sally Ride and Tam O’Shaughnessy embark on a tour of the nine planets and explain formation, current conditions, and possibility of life on each; [ii], 130 pages Lisez plus
  8. Thumb_flora-ulysses-illuminated-adventures-edition-d8203ffb-e345-4961-b84b-10b10c4e18ab
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A first printing of the first edition in As New condition in equally unblemished dust-jacket. Signed by author Kate DiCamillo directly on the title page; DiCamillo's second Newbery Medal winning book in 2014, after her initial success with The Tale of Despereaux ten years earlier. Flora is a 10 year old girl whose parents were divorced. One day, the neighbor's vacuum cleaner sucked up a squirrel and somehow the squirrel gained a superpower. Flora named the squirrel Ulysses and they became best friends; B&W Illustrations; [vi], 231, [2] pages Lisez plus
  9. Thumb_decision-edition-printing-ac690993-1e17-48a4-900c-f5c8d2cb7a5f
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A special Limited first edition/first printing preceding the trade edition, SIGNED by author Allen Drury in unread Fine condition; Allen Drury's first novel, "Advise and Consent", won a Pulitzer Prize in 1960. With this superb fictional drama about the inner workings of the Supreme Court and the American judicial system the popular political novelist was breaking new ground. This outstanding book is bound in genuine leather and features gilded, sewn in pages and ribbon marker, simply superb quality, Franklin Library at its best; [xx], 486 pages Lisez plus
  10. Thumb_moon-edition-impression-6588af75-1f4d-4c78-bab5-0185aeb6a72d
    • LIBER PRESS, 1992
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 4to A charming first Impression of the first UK edition in Fine condition in equally unblemished dust-wrapper with original price of £6.99; "Late one winter night a little girl and her father go owling. The trees stand still as statues and the world is silent as a dream. Whoo-whoo-whoo, the father calls to the mysterious nighttime bird" (from the dust-jacket). This book was awarded the 1988 Caldecott Medal; Color Drawings; [32] pages Lisez plus
  11. Thumb_domestic-cookery-formed-upon-principles-economy-15c563c9-a7ff-4993-8768-a1fac703c482
    • W. TWEEDIE, 1853
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo The 1853 publication, following earlier editions by M'Glashan and Collins. Very Good overall condition, front flyleaf perished, four pages of ads, xviii+288pp. Original stamped cloth, slightly soiled, edges a bit chipped. A charming presentation; Gordon's Victorian Cookery. A list of foods in season, carving instructions, menus for family suppers. Covers soups, broths and gravies, fish, meats, poulty, game, vegetables, sauces, pickles, pies, pudding, and pastries, sweet dishes and preserves, cakes, bread, dairy, etc. Lisez plus
  12. Thumb_prince-publishers-biography-george-smith-edition-31a050f7-a8fd-4a58-94fd-53c0a0d7eded
    • ALISON & BUSBY, 1986
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo An attractive first edition in Near Fine condition, minor bumping to bottom tips in just about fine dust-wrapper; The pre-eminent publisher of Victorian times, and founder of The Dictionary of National Biography, Smith was friend and publisher of Thackeray, Mrs. Gaskell, George Eliot, John Ruskin and many others; [4], i-xii, 13-232, [4] pages Lisez plus
  13. Thumb_knock-knock-dream-edition-printing-b77da1dd-5b15-4932-aa1c-ebfee6cb2d71
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 4to A most charming first printing of the first edition in Fine condition in equally unblemished dust-jacket; "Every morning, I play a game with my father. He goes 'Knock Knock' on my door, and I pretend to be asleep till he gets right next to the bed. And my papa, he tells me, 'I love you'. One day though, that 'Knock Knock' doesn't come. (from the dust-jacket) Bryan Collier was awarded the 2014 Coretta Scott King award as illustrator for outstanding inspirational and educational contributions; Color Illustrations; [40] pages Lisez plus
  14. Thumb_life-charlotte-bronte-f376ee71-1a7a-4c68-a3e0-8ad581abbb38
    • WALTER SCOTT, LTD., [CA1887]
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo Top edges gilt, 16 pages of ads. With the book plate of (Alfred) Duff Cooper (1890-1954) , British Conservative Party politician, diplomat and author. Little rubbing to original cloth, gilt decorated spine still bright, pages little yellowed with end papers lightly cracked; "The life of Charlotte Brontë has been written once for all by Mrs. Gaskell, but as no criticism of Miss Brontë is possible apart from the story of her life, I have attempted the biographical sketch the following pages will be found to contain" - from Birrell's introductory note; 186, vii, 16pp ads pages Lisez plus
  15. Thumb_hostage-edition-printing-8f3b1ba3-cb38-4b6a-8a0f-8bbc7b0bd11c
    • ALFRED A. KNOPF, 2012
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo An attractive first printing of the first Trade edition, preceded only by a signed limited Easton Press edition in Fine condition in alike dust-jacket, only minute traces of wear (small closed tears) ; Nobel Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel's tale of Shaltiel Feigenberg, a Jewish man who is kidnapped from his Brooklyn home. Held hostage to exchange for Palestinian prisoners, the man tries to fall back on his talents and history to survive the ordeal; [viii], 213, [3] pages Lisez plus
  16. Thumb_life-charlotte-bronte-21c16221-d089-4307-85a3-d88ec03417aa
    • SMITH, ELDER & CO., 1857
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo A rather charming second edition, published in two volumes only two months after the first and identical edition except the added "Tabby" foot note. Stamped original cloth, Very Good+ condition, minor rubbing to edges, limited traces of foxing. Vol I: viii+352; Vol II: viii+327, [1], 16 pp of ads. Smith 7; Fellow novelist and close friend Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell's posthumous biography of Charlotte Brontë, primarily based on letters exchanged with her lifelong friend Ellen Nussey. Still covered in the first two editions are numerous details of Brontë's life Gaskell was forced to remov... Lisez plus
  17. Thumb_across-cobblestones-charleston-guidebook-2e400d0e-6949-4895-9124-200da6eb6d03
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo Near Fine overall condition, pages slightly yellowed, lacking the pictorial guide map in back pouch ; An Introduction to Charleston, a guide and a memory. The once-cobbled streets of the city present a chronicle in wood and brick, a document of the long and varied history and ways od life of Charleston. Tours cover historic and architectural points of interest within the city. Presented are general background and current information and suggested out-of-town trips; iv, 96 pages Lisez plus
  18. Thumb_professor-edition-d5be1183-5c4b-4e1c-8c5d-0e22de7855e1
    • SMITH, ELDER & CO., 1857
    • Librairie: Books Tell You Why (Stati Uniti)
    • Description: 8vo Last letters in the last words on lines one and two are transposed on vol 1, p 21. Vol 1 Bound without ads at the end of volume I but with ads and and publisher's catalog at the end of volume II. Periods missing after the headlines on pp 58 and 221 of vol. II, letter P missing in place in line 3 of p 99, vol. II. Three quarter blue morocco, spines uniformly sunned with bright gilt labeling and raised bands, intererior in Fine condition, a rather pleasing presentation. Symington (1927), page 116. Smith 7; Charlotte Brontë's first novel, initially rejected by many publishing houses and no... Lisez plus


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